Hriday Bhoomi

Hriday Bhoomi luxury Cottage / Villa in Jim Corbett, Uttrakhand

Sustaining Today, Securing Tomorrow


Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs”.

Sustainability has been at the heart of Hriday Bhoomi from the time when it was just an idea. We strongly believe that a community is the ultimate guardians of our forests and jungles and it is them who face challenges on a day to day basis through human wildlife conflict, while suffering loss of crops to deer or wild Boars, losing livestock to leopards or tigers or coming face to face with an elephant when its least expected. Hence, our involvement is essential in development of the communities that live around wildlife.


All of our staff is from the local village(s). Employing just local people does not define sustainability, but the overall development of their skill set, self development and rise in their ranks through better training, gives them and their children hope for a better future.


We try practicing “farm to table” experience for most of our guests. Herein, we procure maximum possible fresh vegetables from the local farmers from the village. We have a small vegetable garden of our own, but rather than growing everything ourselves, we believe in finding opportunities of economic benefits for local community while giving our guests a complete farm to table experience.


We have different species of plants and trees all over the property. Plants that have been sourced from different parts of the country with meticulous thought and planning. While some plants are good in controlling the soil erosion the others take least amount of water to grow.

There are many trees that attracts birds to nest and lay eggs. We take immense joy and pride in seeing a big growth of native Sparrow bird, in our property, from the time we got operational. This growth encourages us further to keep investing in plants and trees.

Saying we are a birding paradise won’t be an exaggeration, as there are many other native bird species that make their nest in different part of our property and lay eggs.

Waste Management

Since, Hriday Bhoomi in inside the jungle we are forced to manage our own waste. Instead of digging the waste into a pit, we let the collected waste decompose over time and then extract fertiliser from it. This fertilizer is then used on our plants and trees.

The leftover eatable waste is used for feeding the chickens in the small poultry farm of our own.

Beyond all the above, we follow some basic principles which have been in practice from the start like no-one use plastic, re-usable water bottles, encouraging re-use of towels, changing bed sheets post checkouts only (unless requested by guest), effective use of electricity consumption etc. are just some of the.

We feel there is a long way to go still and we shall keep improving on our commitment towards a complete sustainable lifestyle!!

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